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Annual General Meeting 2015

- Friday, 5th June 2015
Penguin AGM 2015 to be held in Salisbury.


The Early Penguin Travel and Adventure Titles – The "Cerise Series"

by Martin Yates - Tuesday, 10th March 2015
This article is closely based on two articles that appeared in The Penguin Collector in December 2007 and December 2008. It is designed to accompany Duncan Smith’s www.penguincerisetravel.com. The site is images supported by text, this is text supported by images. Feel free to travel between them....


The King Penguin Series - A Survey

- Friday, 27th February 2015
PCS member Michael Lake has written this detailed survey of the original King Penguins, that rather idiosyncratic, hardback series designed to appeal to the public's 'liking for illustrated keepsakes'. The book provides a description of each of the 76 titles in the series, from the inception of the ...
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