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The Penguin Collector is the Society's twice-yearly journal, published each June and December. Its forerunner, The PCS Newsletter, began in 1974, soon after the Society was inaugurated and ran for forty issues. It became The Penguin Collector in December 1993 with Collector 41, and is produced in mock-Penguin format. It is now illustrated in colour throughout.

Articles are contributed by members and other writers on a wide range of Penguin-related matters. They are full of information and interest, the result of detailed research and careful editorial verification.

‘Penguin Points’ enable members to raise all sorts of matters of interest and to seek information from the membership at large about some of the many mysteries of Penguins' publishing history; ‘Penguin Places’ suggest bookshops worth visiting in the unending quest for old Penguins; and anecdotes about ‘The Penguin Collector's Lot’ give reassurance that none of us is alone in this quest.

In Collector 89 (December 2017), we reprinted a memoir by Victor Weybright which balanced other views on the respective roles of Allen Lane and his surviving brother Richard after 1945, included a pictorial survey by Henry Eliot on the successive designs of Penguin Modern Classics, featured specialist Penguin Bookshops of the 1950s and 1960s in London and Cambridge, reported on a members' visit to the London Library and on the Bedford Annual Meeting, and led the shorter pieces with splendid news of donations to the archives – Penguin Specials to Sheffield, and a huge collection of the German Inselbücherei - the precursors of King Penguins – to Bristol.

If you have something which could be considered for publication, however long or short, however much it is a preliminary draft or a finished article, do please contact the Editor

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