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February Penguin love

First the reminder. I have heard very good things about the George Him exhibition at the House of Illustration. Although I haven't yet managed to visit myself, it comes highly recommended and is now at the top of my list. On at HoI until early May;  scroll to the end of the post for a little bowler hatted taster which will make you smile!

Bookfairs include the monthly Bloomsbury (9 February and 8 March), Cambridge (21/22 February) and Harrogate (13/14 March). Plenty more are listed in Inprint and you can search by either month or location.

Last month I mentioned the Backlisted podcast and this month I recommend Locklisted (a spin-off) which was aired on Jan 17 and is well worth a listen.

A newly up and running website that I think you will want to look at is that of Brian Wildsmith. The post thumbnail is his design for the 1962 Classified List (as I am sure you recognised). He was also the cover illustrator of Landslide by Véronique Day [PS222].

On at the York Art Gallery from Valentine's Day is Harland Miller: York, So Good They Named It Once which will include Miller's Penguin and Pelican book covers.

Penguin are gearing up for the Puffin 80th anniversary celebrations. An article in The Bookseller (if you have access) gives some further details and there was also a fun piece in The Guardian on a makeover for Noel Streatfield's Ballet Shoes. (I am amused to see that the spelling gremlins struck again in the Graundian link!)

Some teasers for the AGM will be popping up in Latest News very shortly. If you haven't looked at accommodation in Aldeburgh you are urged to do so as this small town is very popular in the late summer. Details for Enid Stephenson (who is doing a tremendous organisational job) were in the last Collector but I will include them in the next News post.

    Greetings from George Him!

Posted on Thursday, 6th February 2020