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Why do the PCS Publications vary in size and format?

The size and format of each book is judged entirely according to what is appropriate for the book in question. Read more

Are my old Penguins valuable?

This is indeed a frequent question. The short answer is probably not. The main reason for this is that most titles were printed in very large numbers – often in editions of 30,000 to 50,000 - and it takes scarcity to create value. Read more

I have some Puffin/Pelican/other Bird Name books, are these published by Penguin?

The quick answer:
Generally anything with the word Penguin, Puffin or Pelican is a book published by Penguin; there are several different series within each of these brands. In addition the names Porpoise, Ptarmigan and Peregrine are also published by Penguin. Read more

Does the colour of the Penguin cover mean anything?

The colour indicates the genre of the book. Read more
1-4 of 4 FAQs     Older FAQs >< Newer FAQs