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Penguin Collector 93

If there was such a thing as a Penguin elf it would come in the guise of your rightly famed and fabled Editor who has been busy at his kitchen table with his red hat on.

As I write, copies of Penguin Collector 93 are winging their way across the world and although I cannot supply you with a NORAD style tracker* I can assure you that the envelopes were carefully deposited with Royal Mail well in time for a Christmas delivery to even our furthest flung members.

I will be thrilled to see proof of delivery - please tag @penguincollsoc when you post photos to instagram and twitter (to be honest I will be so amazed if this happens I will fall off my chair!).

PC_93_pic_3_of_3_resized.jpg    PC_93_pic_2_of_3_resized.jpg

*For those of you who have missed the experience, NORAD tracks Father Christmas. On Christmas Eve, he can be followed through the NORAD website.

Posted on Sunday, 8th December 2019