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Message from the Editor

The editor seeks NEW WRITING for the next ‘Penguin Collector’. There are already some good pieces in the first draft of what will be number 90. On two subjects, Penguins in Penguins, and Penguins in Bookshops, a few more short, lively pieces will be welcome. 

In ‘Collector 89’, Peter Miller pointed out the use of a Penguin book as a clue in a detective novel, and Robert Good that of a Pelican in Pirsig’s ‘Zen and the Art of ...’. Robert suggested that other appearances of Penguins in fiction would be worth knowing about. A good one, by a mighty novelist, though in a work of non-fiction, has been found: can you find more, and send them to the editor?

And for a couple of issues we have tried to print very short reviews – 70 words would be plenty – of surviving examples of the kind of ‘real’ secondhand bookshops which Penguin collectors would describe, as drif did, as Well Worth a Detour. If you can bear to share a secret with others, do please add to the couple that have already been sent. The model for a brief paragraph is under the heading ‘Penguin Points’ in  ‘Collectors’ 87 and 88.

The editor's contact details are inside the rear cover of each ‘Collector’.

Posted on Thursday, 15th March 2018