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The Penguin Collector 95

The Penguin Collector 95 Image 1
Editor: James Mackay
Date: Dec 2020
Type: Newsletter (The Penguin Collector)
Pages: 88
Medium: Newsletter
Series: Main Series, Forces (wartime editions), Shakespeare
Focus: Authors, Books, Design, History of Penguin, Penguin Personalities

As well as the usual segments, the main section of Collector 95 is entitled PENGUINS AND DISCURSIONS.

Contents include:

• ‘George Orwell: His Influential Life in Penguin Books (from beyond the Grave)’ by Jo Lunt
• ‘With Many Thanks from John Heartfield’ by James Mackay
• ‘The Beatles' Progress – in Penguins’ by Terry Taylor
• ‘Would that I Were Maigret's Nephew!’ by Harold Nicolson
• ‘What the Witness Taught his Pupil’ by David Howe
• ‘Were They Really Services Editions?’ by Tim Graham
• ‘Carolyn Thompson: ‘Post Moderns’’ by Michael Hampton
• ‘More on the 1969 transition to SBNs’ by Andrew Malin
• ‘Reinventing a Pneguin Collection’ by Gregory Ball
Somewhat Haphazard, but Contented’ by Norman Mitchinson
• The Penguin-Lover's (and Hater's) Lot
• Penguin Points
• Penguins in (the) Pictures
• Obituary
• Society News

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