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The Penguin Collector 94

The Penguin Collector 94 Image 1
Editor: James Mackay
Designer: Tom Etherington
Date: Jun 2020
Type: Newsletter (The Penguin Collector)
Pages: 96
Medium: Newsletter
Series: Pelican, Classics, Other and Misc, Puffin and associated Series, Crime
Focus: Books, History of Penguin, Penguin Personalities

Penguin Collector 94 continues the occasional series of specially designed front covers. In a homage to Romek Marber, whose Obituary can be found within the pages, Tom Etherington has created a cover that recalls that important period of Penguin history.

The three major sections of PC93 are Allen Lane's Penguin Books, Penguins in Depth and Reviews.

Contents include:

Edward Young, Joan Coles, Allen Lane and Glyn Daniel
• 'From Bodley Head to Bertelsmann' by Robert Bruce
• 'The Penguin Science Surveys' by David Jackson
• 'Kay Webb's Publishing Ethos Endures' by Megan Dennis
• 'Marketing the Modern Classics' by Charisa Gunasekera
• 'If Too Many Books Spoil the Broth, Add a Splash of Wine' by Gregory Ball
• 'The Collector, with Some Advice for Sellers' by Mike Petty
• 'How Many Penguin Firsts?' by Andrew Malin
• 'Pelican Books by Design: An Exhibition' by Adrian King
• 'Classic Penguin: Cover to Cover' by Meg Prince
• 'Maigret Reaches a Conclusion' by James Mackay
• The Penguin-Lover's Lot
• Penguin Points
• Romek Marber 1925-2020
• Society News

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Set in Bembo Standard 10 on 12pt
Printed by Short Run Press Ltd
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