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The Penguin Collector 93

The Penguin Collector 93 Image 1
Editor: James Mackay
Date: Dec 2019
Type: Newsletter (The Penguin Collector)
Pages: 96
Medium: Newsletter
Series: Pelican, King Penguin, Other and Misc, Crime, Colonial and Overseas
Focus: Books, Design, History of Penguin

Penguin Collector 93 maintains the continuity of the two issues in each year having the same colour spine and background. It has the usual three bands, lettering and devices, but this time all three bands are white.

The three major sections of PC93 are Penguins' Progress, Penguin Lives and Penguins Briefly.

Contents include:

• ‘Special Consolations’ by Matthew Sheldon
• ‘Egyptian and Palestinian Penguins: Update’ by Andrew Malin
• ‘A Tale of Two Covers’ by James Mackay
• ‘Fake Penguin, or Fake News?’ by Alec Spencer
• ‘Insiders/Outsiders: a Review’ by Terry Taylor
• ‘Devon Attacked and Defended’ by James Mackay
• ‘The Annotated Lady Chatterley's Lover’ by several hands
• ‘Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven!’ by Robert Bruce and Len Deighton
• ‘Reading all the Maigrets’ by John Clegg
• ‘The First Secondhand Penguins’ by James Mackay
• ‘The Legacy of a Lifetime’ by Michael Neiditch
• ‘A Penguin-lover's Daughter's Lot’ by Jessica Norrie
• Penguin Points
• Penguins in Penguins
• Obituary
• Society News

Price £8

Set in Bembo Standard 10 on 12pt
Printed by Short Run Press Ltd
Print run 550