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The Penguin Collector 92

The Penguin Collector 92 Preview 0The Penguin Collector 92 Preview 1
The Penguin Collector 92 Image 1
Editor: James Mackay
Designer: Tom Etherington
Illustrator: Terence Greer
Date: Jun 2019
Type: Newsletter (The Penguin Collector)
Pages: 96
Medium: Newsletter
Series: Main Series, Puffin and associated Series, Colonial and Overseas, Various
Focus: Authors, Books, Design, History of Penguin, Penguin Personalities

Penguin Collector 92 features another cover specially designed for PCS by Tom Etherington on this occasion using an unpublished drawing by Terence Greer.

The three major sections of PC92 are Drawing Penguins, Penguins' Progress and Penguinthusiasm.

Contents include:

• ‘Terence Greer and Penguin covers 1962-1965’ by Kathy Mezei
• ‘Hans Unger: Life, Posters, Mosaics and Penguins’ by Naomi Games
• ‘White Horses: the Lost Puffin Picture Book’ by Joe Pearson
• ‘The Noah's Ark Story’ by John Miles
• ‘Colección Austral and Colección Pingüino’ by Peter Miller
• ‘How to Fillet a Penguin’ by Robert Crowe
• ‘How Peter Mayer pulled Penguin Books out of a ‘cultural ghetto’’ by Sally Addison
• ‘Selling Penguins in New Zealand’ by Hugh Rennie and Paul Lickiss
• ‘Ten from Tens’ by Billy Crawford
• ‘The Scarcest Penguin of them All’ by David Edwards
• ‘Early Enthusiasms: the Lure of Penguins’ by Bill Woodbridge
• Penguin Points
• Obituary
• Society News

Price £8

Printed by Short Run Press Ltd
Print run 550