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The Penguin Collector 90

The Penguin Collector 90 Image 1
Editor: James Mackay
Designer: Tom Etherington
Illustrator: Matthew Burne
Date: Jun 2018
Type: Newsletter (The Penguin Collector)
Pages: 96
Medium: Newsletter
Series: Pelican, Forces (wartime editions), Puffin and associated Series, Art and Architecture
Focus: Books, History of Penguin

Marking a numerical milestone, ‘Penguin Collector 90’ has a cover specially designed by Tom Etherington and Matt Burne, and starts with brief pieces on each of the Penguin series’ books numbered 90: a green Crime novel, a Pelican, a Puffin Story, some Poets, a Handbook, and so on.

PC90 continues with major articles under the headings, ‘On Penguin Books’ and 'Books on Penguins’. Sian Heap's bursary dissertation on Penguins and reading habits during the 1939-45 war; a look at the troubled gestation of the Baby Puffin ‘Heads, Bodies and Legs; Paul Lickiss' substantial article on the Pelican History of Art; reviews of 'Strange Bird', about the Albatross Books, of ‘This Once Was Us', on Penguin Education’, and of three books about books.

There are also the usual smaller sections on various Penguinary topics under headings which include ‘The Penguin-Lover’s Lot’, where Allen Lane’s daughter Clare Morpurgo is one of the writers, ‘Penguin Points, where the sources of the biography of the Lane brothers published a couple of years ago are queried, and two obituaries of people associated, in different ways, with the Society.

The issue concludes with Society News, about events, archives, exhibitions, and publications.

Contents include:

• ‘Penguin Books on the March’ Sian Heap
• ‘More trouble than it could ever by worth’ ed by Tim Graham
• ‘The Pelican History of Art’ by Paul Lickiss
• ‘Strange Bird’ by Alistair Jollans
• ‘This Once was Us’ by David Teale
• ‘Three Books from the British Library’ by Peter Miller
• The Penguin-Lover's Lot
• Penguin Points
• Penguins in Penguins
• Penguin Places
• Obituaries of Godfrey Smith and Angus Mitchell

B format; 96 pages