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The Penguin Companion

The Penguin Companion Image 1
Editor: Martin Yates
Date: 2006
ISBN: 0952740184
Type: PCS Publication
Pages: 250
Medium: Paperback
Series: Main Series
Focus: Books

This publication is a must for anyone interested in Penguin Books and unlike our more specialist publications will appeal to all students of the Penguin phenomenon. The Penguin Companion is an essential work of reference with over 700 'A to Z' entries and 20 extended accounts of significant parts of the Penguin story (Lady Chatterley, Puffin Books etc.). There is an 'Identification Guide' containing nearly 300 illustrations in colour of Penguin covers organised by timescale or theme, and just about all the popular series are included along with some notable rarities. A Reference Guide lists the main sources and there is a series index and a list of titles for two of the most sought after series.

B format paperback, 12.9 x 19.8 cms, with over 300 illustrations, most of them in colour. Third edition.

Printed by Octoprint
Print run 800