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The Penguin Collectors Society is an educational charity with the objects of encouraging and promoting the study of Penguin Books and of conserving historical material in institutions available to researchers.

First published in 1935, Penguins rapidly became a force for cultural good on a par with the BBC or, later, the Open University. Penguins, Pelicans (non-fiction), Puffins (for children) and many other series fed a popular appetite for good reading, attractively packaged and cheap. Penguin today remains part of one of the world’s largest publishers. The Society’s members, numbering around 400 worldwide, are Penguin’s keenest students – and collectors.

To learn more about Penguin, read on and join us.

Latest News

2019-2020 PCS Bursary Award

2019-2020 PCS Bursary Award ImageIt's that time of year again when the PCS Post Graduate Bursary Scheme winner is announced. This year we have two successful students, Anna Richardson and Stephen Hickson. For short biopics and the titles of their dissertations .... Read more
Posted on Tuesday, 21st April 2020

The Art of Living

The Art of Living ImageI wonder how quickly 'social distancing' will make it to the OED new words list. What other words are appearing in our vocabulary in these strange times and what can we do now we are confined to quarters? UPDATED! Read more
Posted on Thursday, 26th March 2020

PCS AGM and annual get together 2020

PCS AGM and annual get together 2020 ImageTo lift your spirits from the wet, cold and windy weather I suggest you turn your mind to the AGM in Aldeburgh! Read more
Posted on Sunday, 16th February 2020

February Penguin love

February Penguin love ImageOne or two items of interest for you this month including a reminder, details of another podcast and a mention of a newly up and running website that you might want to check out. Read more
Posted on Thursday, 6th February 2020

January Resolutions

January Resolutions ImageJanuary always seems like a very long month - especially for those with resolutions which need to be worked on! One of my continuing resolutions ... Read more
Posted on Thursday, 9th January 2020