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What's On for September/October?

The overall response from Lincoln was extremely positive and, once again, we are all indebted to James for his fabulous organisation.

Turning to the rest of the year (or at least the next few months), I can offer you Pelicans in Reading, Ladybirds all over the place and a couple of other items that might be of interest.

Paul Lickiss is the man behind an exhibition of Pelicans, Pelican Books by Design, starting in October at the Department of Typography, Reading University. Eric Kindel, who you will remember from the 2018 AGM, has confirmed that this exhibition will be open to the public and Members are very welcome to call in to see it (no appointment necessary).

The Department is open from 9am to 5pm (weekdays only) and the exhibition runs from October to December (ie the academic term). Eric has included a number of links about the Department, a map (the Exhibition will be found in Building 21) and a general overlook on how to get there.

Whilst I was researching Pelicans in general, I came across this article in Standpoint Magazine from 2014 which you might also find interesting.

Of course, when you are visiting Reading, you might want to pop into the Museum of Rural Life to see the current exhibition in the Ladybird Gallery entitled One Giant Leap.

Still in Berkshire, just down the A4 and running until mid December, is the Wonderful World of Ladybird Book Artists which you can find at The Base, Greenham. In addition, this week, there are a number of related events going on including a talk Ladybird Books for Grown Ups. This link tells you all about it.

Another Ladybird exhibition (until 27 October) can be found at the Garden Museum which is next door to Lambeth Palace. Following the Ladybird worm hole I saw this article which I found both interesting and informative.

Many of you already track the exhibitions at the House of Illustration, but for those of you who have not been there I can strongly recommend everything they put on. Last year I mentioned the excellent Enid Marx retrospective and this month I draw your attention to their current exhibition which features Marie Neurath. I have just spent a little time reminding myself about her work and influence and ended up full circle with the University of Reading and Isotype Revisited which I recall from the dim and distant past. I hope you also find this interesting.

Continuing on a quick summation of what's on, the Fry Gallery is nearing the end of its exhibition entitled Mr and Mrs Ravilious and Beatrix Potter is in Gallery 102 at the V&A. You can catch A Printmaker's London until 29 September and the Eye Magazine is a useful resource.

Please keep news and views coming in - personal recommendations are always the best!

from The County of London Plan (Carter and Goldfinger) 1945, an example of isotype.

Posted on Monday, 23rd September 2019