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April is carried away by rain; can we have sun please May?

The marvellous Ditchling Exhibition has finished and although several other items that I have mentioned over the months are still going, none of them are purely Penguin in the same way.

If you know of any that would be of interest, please don't be shy but share them – either write, or tag me (#penguincollsoc) in instagram or twitter.

The Bawden book that I have trailed is now in print and has been very well received. It is available (as the expression goes) from all good bookshops. Are You Sitting Comfortably

I am looking forward to early June, The Beaney in Canterbury is hosting an exhibition entitled The Story of the Ladybird Artists 1940-75 curated by Helen Day and The Beaney. An absolute must for all fans of this iconic series. The Storyof the Ladybird Artists

Whilst I was trawling the net I came across this little gem from Leeds. I suspect other cities have the same system but it looks so intriguing I have to bring it to your attention!
Behind the Scenes

Finally, May is National Walking Month so for those in the UK, it is time to look out your old Penguin Guides and venture out to celebrate the greening of the countryside.

Posted on Friday, 4th May 2018