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Additional Stock!

Very small numbers of the following titles have been located*:

The Collector 65
The Collector 66

Miscellany 2 For the Forces SOLD
Miscellany 3 Mock... Missing... Miscellaneous SOLD
Miscellany 4 Yankee Doodle Penguin; Christmas Crackers
Miscellany 5 Penguin Illustrated Classics SOLD
Miscellany 6 Happy Birthday Puffin SOLD
Miscellany 10 Twenty One Years

Allen Lane
(Tribute booklet published in 2002)

Buildings of England: A Celebration

Mary Starts to Cook
(numbered copy) SOLD

The Buy Publications pages have been updated - get your orders in quickly!

*NB: as the stock is sold, the relevant page will be updated.

Posted on Tuesday, 6th March 2018