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Penguin Collector 89

As you will have gleaned from the twitter link, the next edition of The Penguin Collector is on its way to you and will be listed in the website catalogue early next week. There are, as always, a goodly number of interesting and informative articles that should keep all members happy and hopefully give you some new avenues to research when you have tired of the Christmas festivities!

Along with the Collector there are a couple of inserts, including the venue and date for the next AGM; a Supplement to the Checklist of Puffin Picture Books and Related Series and a correction slip to be inserted into Pelicans at Eighty.

Anyone who purchased the Checklist and is not part of the PC89 mailing can, on application, receive the Supplement free of charge (incl postage). All future copies of the Checklist will include a copy of the Supplement automatically.

Posted on Thursday, 7th December 2017