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Book Fairs, Bookshops and Browsing!

A quick round up of information gleaned from the internet that might be helpful to those looking to increase their knowledge of all things Penguin.

Firstly, for all those interested in Book Fairs, the PBFA have a full list of their 2017 Book Fairs at http://www.pbfa.org/book-fairs/2017. Likewise, the ever popular Bloomsbury Book Fairs can be found at http://www.bloomsburybookfair.com/.

One comprehensively useful site for book lovers is tbg (the Book Guide) http://www.inprint.co.uk/thebookguide/index.php which not only lists book fairs, ephemera and postcard fairs, and charity and library book sales but also has listings of bookshops and a great deal of other interesting information. It is well worth a browse. The latest news block on each page is helpful (for instance that on the book fair page highlights recently added fairs that you might not have heard of) and allows you to search by month or location. The bookshop listings appear to be fairly comprehensive although it would be nice to see Penguin added to the Stock drop down choices.

The Book Guide website has been steadily growing over the years and is included in our links page under Bookdealer information sites although it straddles the line between that category and Blogs and other interesting sites as it is much more than a dry list. The ability for visitors to add information and feedback on the bookshops, in the spirit of Driff, makes addictive reading and ‘Interesting stuff’ is exactly what it says on the tin. Finally, ‘Shelf:Life’ which contains plenty of good links, and a blog .... what more does one need!

Posted on Thursday, 26th January 2017