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Penguin Celebrations - a Checklist

In September 2007 Penguin issued a set of 36 books from across their range, designed specifically to be ‘collectable’. The books recalled the original 1935, horizontal band covers, colour-coded according to subject, and numbered on the spine (albeit supplemented by the full ISBN on the rear cover). Rather than reproduce the original cover style exactly, the front covers were framed in a white border. The colour coding largely followed Penguin’s original design; described on the rear cover of the new series as: ‘Light Blue for big ideas; Green for mystery; Orange for fantastic fiction; Pink for distant lands; Dark blue for real lives; Purple for viewpoints.’ These descriptions adopted a slightly more prosaic stance on the front covers; with ‘distant lands’ following the original designation of ‘Travel & Adventure’, and, respectively, Non-Fiction, Crime, Fiction, Biography and Essays (almost exactly matching the original Penguin designations).

In July 2009, some of these books were rebranded and given away with copies of The Times, in selected stores. Soon after, the project expanded, as detailed below. Some exact dates of issue have not yet been confirmed.

15 X Penguin Celebrations
Monday 21 July – Friday 8 August 2008
Jonathan Safran Foer Everything Is Illuminated 21/07/08
Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Dubner Freakonomics 22/07/08
Jeremy Clarkson The World According To Clarkson 23/07/08
Claire Tomalin Jane Austen: A Life 24/07/08
John Mortimer Rumpole and The Penge Bungalow Murders 25/07/08
Ali Smith The Accidental 28/07/08
James Lovelock The Revenge Of Gaia 29/07/08
Alain De Botton The Consolations Of Philosophy 30/07/08
Ryszard Kapuscinski The Shadow Of The Sun 31/07/08
Alex Garland The Beach 01/08/08
Pat Barker Regeneration 04/08/08
Niall Ferguson Empire 05/08/08
Nick Hornby How To Be Good 06/08/08
Noam Chomsky Hegemony Or Survival 07/08/08
Jeremy Paxman The English 08/08/08

10 X Penguin Film Classics (Black)
Monday 2nd – Friday 13th February 2009
Anthony Burgess A Clockwork Orange 02/02/09
Karen Blixen Out Of Africa ??/02/09
Truman Capote Breakfast At Tiffany’s ??/02/09
George Orwell Animal Farm ??/02/09
Charles Webb The Graduate ??/02/09
John Wyndham The Day Of The Triffids ??/02/09
F Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby 10/02/09
D H Lawrence Lady Chatterley’s Lover 11/02/09
Virginia Woolf Mrs Dalloway 12/02/09
George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four 13/02/09

5 X Penguin Adventure (Lime Green)
Monday 20th – Friday 24 July 2009
John Buchan The Thirty-Nine Steps 20/07/09
Jules Verne Around The World In Eighty Days 21/07/09
Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island 22/07/09
Arthur Conan Doyle The Lost World 23/07/09
Erskine Childers The Riddle Of The Sands 24/07/09

5 X Penguin Romance (Red)
Monday 27th – Friday 31st July 2009
Anton Chekhov The Lady With The Little Dog And Other Stories 27/07/09
Ford Madox Ford The Good Soldier 28/07/09
Edith Wharton The Age Of Innocence 29/07/09
D H Lawrence Sons And Lovers 30/07/09
Gustave Flaubert Madame Bovary 31/07/09

5 X Penguin Crime (Violet)
Monday 3rd – Friday 7th August 2009
Edgar Allan Poe The Murders In The Rue Morgue 03/08/09
Wilkie Collins The Moonstone 04/08/09
Raymond Chandler The Big Sleep 05/08/09
Henry James The Turn Of The Screw 06/08/09
Arthur Conan Doyle A Study In Scarlet 07/08/09

5 X Penguin Humour (Yellow)
Monday 10th – Friday 14th August 2009
George and Weedon Grossmith The Diary Of A Nobody 10/08/09
Geoffrey Chaucer The Canterbury Tales ??/08/09
Jerome K. Jerome Three Men In A Boat ??/08/09
Jonathan Swift Gulliver’s Travels ??/08/09
Oscar Wilde The Importance Of Being Earnest ??/08/09

5 X Penguin Films (Sky Blue)
Monday 12th – Friday 16th October 2009
James Fenimore Cooper The Last Of The Mohicans 12/10/09
Barry Hines A Kestrel For A Knave ??/10/09
Mary Shelley Frankenstein ??/10/09
John Wyndham The Midwich Cuckoos ??/10/09
Bram Stoker Dracula 16/10/09

5 X Penguin London (Pink)
Monday 19th – Friday 23rd October 2009
Nancy Mitford Love In A Cold Climate 19/10/09
George Orwell Down And Out In Paris And London 20/10/09
Patrick Hamilton Hangover Square 21/10/09
Sam Selvon The Lonely Londoners 22/10/09
Muriel Spark The Girls Of Slender Means 23/10/09

5 X Penguin Chillers (Scarlet)
Monday 26th – Friday 30th October 2009
Wilkie Collins The Haunted Hotel 26/10/09
Ambrose Bierce The Spook House 27/10/09
Edgar Allan Poe The Masque Of The Red Death 28/10/09
M.R. James Lost Hearts And Other Chilling Tales 29/10/09
Shirley Jackson We Have Always Lived In The Castle 30/10/09

5 X Penguin Science (Light Blue)
Monday 2nd – Friday 6th November 2009
Richard Sennett The Craftsman 02/11/09
John Gribbin Deep Simplicity 03/11/09
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza Genes, Peoples And Languages 04/11/09
Richard P Feyman QED 05/11/09
Charles Darwin On Natural Selection 06/11/09

5 X Penguin The Oscars (Black)
Monday 22nd – Friday 26th February 2010
Ken Kesey One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest 22/02/10
Julie Powell Julie And Julia 23/02/10
Zoë Heller Notes On A Scandal 24/02/10
F. Scott Fitzgerald The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and Other Stories 25/02/10
Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire 26/02/10


  • Jonathan_safran_coer_everything_is_illuminated_2007
  • Steven_d_levitt_and_stephen_j_dubner_freakonomics_2007
  • Jeremy_clarkson_the_world_according_to_clarkson_2007
  • Claire_tomalin_jane_austen_a_life_2007
  • John_mortimer_rumpole_and_the_penge_bungalow_murders_2007
  • Ali_smith_the_accidental_2007
  • James_lovelock_the_revenge_of_gaia_2007
  • Alain_de_botton_the_consolations_of_philosophy_2007
  • Ryszard_kapuscinski_the_shadow_of_the_sun_2007
  • Alex_garland_the_beach_2007
  • Pat_barker_regeneration_2007
  • Niall_ferguson_empire_2007
  • Nick_hornby_how_to_be_good_2007
  • Noam_chomsky_hegemony_or_survival_2007
  • Jeremy_paxman_the_english_2007
  • Anthony_burgess_a_clockwork_orange_2009
  • Karen_blixen_out_of_africa_2009
  • Truman_capote_breakfast_at_tiffanys_2009
  • George_orwell_animal_farm_2009
  • Charles_webb_the_graduate_2009
  • John_wyndham_the_day_of_the_triffids_2009
  • F_scott_fitzgerald_the_great_gatsby_2009
  • D_h_lawrence_lady_chatterleys_lover_2009
  • Virginia_woolf_mrs_dalloway_2009
  • George_orwell_nineteen_eighty_four_2009
  • John_buchan_the_thirty_nine_steps_2009
  • Jules_verne_around_the_world_in_eighty_days_2009
  • Robert_louis_stevenson_treasure_island_2009
  • Arthur_conan_doyle_the_lost_world_2009
  • Erskine_childers_the_riddle_of_the_sands_2009
  • Anton_chekhov_the_lady_with_the_little_dog_and_other_stories_2009
  • Ford_madox_ford_the_good_soldier_2009
  • Edith_wharton_the_age_of_innocence_2009
  • D_h_lawrence_sons_and_lovers_2009
  • Gustave_flaubert_madame_bovary_2009
  • Edgar_allan_poe_the_murders_in_the_rue_morgue_2009
  • Wilkie_collins_the_moonstone_2009
  • Raymond_chandler_the_big_sleep_2009
  • Henry_james_the_turn_of_the_screw_2009
  • Arthur_conan_doyle_a_study_in_scarlet_2009
  • George_and_weedon_grossmith_the_diary_of_a_nobody_2009
  • Geoffrey_chaucer_the_canterbury_tales_2009
  • Jerome_k_jerome_three_men_in_a_boat_2009
  • Jonathan_swift_gullivers_travels_2009
  • Oscar_wilde_the_importance_of_being_earnest_2009
  • James_fenimore_cooper_the_last_of_the_mohicans_2009
  • Barry_hines_a_kestrel_for_a_knave_2009
  • Mary_shelley_frankenstein_2009
  • John_wyndham_the_midwich_cuckoos_2009
  • Bram_stoker_dracula_2009
  • Nancy_mitford_love_in_a_cold_climate_2009
  • George_orwell_down_and_out_in_paris_and_london_2009
  • Patrick_hamilton_hangover_square_2009
  • Sam_selvon_the_lonely_londoners_2009
  • Muriel_spark_the_girls_of_slender_means_2009
  • Wilkie_collins_the_haunted_hotel_2009
  • Ambrose_bierce_the_spook_house_2009
  • Edgar_allan_poe_the_masque_of_the_red_death_2009
  • M_r_james_lost_hearts_and_other_chilling_tales_2009
  • Shirley_jackson_we_have_always_lived_in_the_castle_2009
  • Richard_sennett_the_craftsman_2009
  • John_gribbin_deep_simplicity_2009
  • Luigi_luca_cavalli_sforza_genes_peoples_and_languages_2009
  • Richard_p_feyman_qed_2009
  • Charles_darwin_on_natural_selection_2009
  • Ken_kesey_one_flew_over_the_cuckoos_nest_2010
  • Julie_powell_julie_and_julia_2010
  • Zoe_heller_notes_on_a_scandal_2010
  • F_scott_fitzgerald_the_curious_case_of_benjamin_button_and_other_stories_2010
  • Tennessee_williams_a_streetcar_named_desire_2010

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