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The Penguin Collectors Society is an educational charity with the objects of encouraging and promoting the study of Penguin Books and of conserving historical material in institutions available to researchers.

First published in 1935, Penguins rapidly became a force for cultural good on a par with the BBC or, later, the Open University. Penguins, Pelicans (non-fiction), Puffins (for children) and many other series fed a popular appetite for good reading, attractively packaged and cheap. Penguin today remains part of one of the world’s largest publishers. The Society’s members, numbering around 400 worldwide, are Penguin’s keenest students – and collectors.

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Latest News

April is carried away by rain; can we have sun please May?

April is carried away by rain; can we have sun please May? Image

Louisa May Alcott's Little Women seems an appropriate image for May. Please note that this month I am steering clear of any weather comments!

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Posted on Friday, 4th May 2018

March has Gone; Spring is around the Corner?

March has Gone; Spring is around the Corner? ImageIt would have been nice to think that when March ended, spring could be close at hand. But no; it is snowing as I write and the east wind is particularly unpleasant. My choice of accompanying photo was nearly Apsley Cherry-Garrard part 2, but I have plumped instead for any excuse to photograph a Puffin and Avalanche!. Read more
Posted on Monday, 2nd April 2018

Wonderful Collection

Wonderful Collection ImageLooking for a new home ... UPDATED ... Read more
Posted on Sunday, 18th March 2018

Message from the Editor

Message from the Editor ImageThe editor seeks NEW WRITING for the next ‘Penguin Collector’. There are already some good pieces in the first draft of what will be number 90. This is a reminder – rather like those we get at this time of year for water charges or council tax, but without the threats – to members who may be able to help make it an especially good issue. Read more
Posted on Thursday, 15th March 2018

Additional Stock!

Additional Stock! ImageA few copies of the following out of stock publications have been located ... Read more
Posted on Tuesday, 6th March 2018